La Luchi Foundation, founded in 2008 by Luisa Estevez, is a Florida 501(c)3 charitable, non-profit, humanitarian organization  focused on providing resources for children which promote a healthy mind and body connection , better physical health and eco-awareness as a way of life ,creating an experiential foundation in full conscious awakened living.



An eco-centric Pioneer in conscious activism, Journalist, Fashion Designer, CEO of Miami International Consulting, CEO Elucelle Entertainment, President of Le Boudoir D’Esencia, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Luchi is passionate about enriching the world-wide community in providing  holistic programs and tools to guide children  towards a natural, healthier way of living.

A  native of the Dominican Republic descended from a long line of Holistic practitioners, Luchi recognizes the positive effect of sharing the benefits of using sustainable resources, healthy foods, natural remedies,yoga and meditation making immediate shifts in the everyday quality of life and the community at large.. Her goal is to help children and young adults change their perceptions to a more positive outlook , influencing and effecting their  communities and environment for the greater good.

“I am dedicated to contributing to the worldwide community by enriching, educating & healing people’s lives.”


Natalia Pazos is Florida licensed attorney who after years of mindfulness practices, going inward and self-discovery, learned her purpose in life is to incorporate an all-inclusive approach to education. Through her personal experience, she understood the importance of teaching children to live a balanced life by educating the mind, empowering the body and inspiring the heart.