Board of Directors

CEO/FOUNDER Luisa Estevez

Ms. Estevez is the CEO and founder of La Luchi Foundation. A native of the Dominican Republic descended from a long line of Holistic practitioners and being one herself, Luchi has always known the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Professional background

  • CEO of Miami International Consulting, a Marketing and PR firm specialized in providing services for international clients in venues around the world.
  • CEO of Elucelle Entertainment, a production company producing eco-conscious content for videos and print publications. President of Le Boudoir D’Esencia, a manufacturing company offering aromatherapy essential oils and an organic based holistic skin line Chi Flo Actress seen in “Tropical Sangre” and a host of other productions

Specialized trainings and experience

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Healthy cook & raw food specialist, Trained massage therapist (Swedish & Thai), Auracle color therapy/ color metaphysician & Energy worker, Aroma Therapist, sustainable living research

Michael Munayer

Michael Munayer experience in the business community for the past 30 years range from founding a business to serving on several boards.  After studying Computer Science at Western Washington University, he held various computer and information technology positions in the security and health-care industry.  He left Cigna and co-founded CompReview Inc. in 1988 and served as their Chief Information Officer and Board member for 11 years until the company was sold to HNC Software Inc. later to be acquired by Fair Isaac.  Michael has also been an Executive Producer on two Independent films and has served on various boards including the non profit organization  He is a member of  La Luchi Foundation advisory board

Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Rehmannia Dean Thomas is a Taoist Tonic herbalist. He received an 8 year personal training under the great Taoist herbal master RonTeeguarden, and served as his “Teamaster.”  Rehmannia is the direct descendant in a 5000 year old health care system known as the “Gate Of Life School” which utilizes Chinese “Tonic” herbs for the maintenance of physical and spiritual health, beauty, adaptability, reproductive health, longevity/virility and protection.

Practicing for over 12 years as a Taoist herbalist, Rehmannia is adept at creating herbal formulations for health maintenance and prevention of dis-ease, in efficacious yet pleasant tasting tea formulas. He is one of the very foremost experts in the Western World,  and has cultivated connections with the very highest quality herb providers.

Rehmannia has written a book entitled “Healing Thresholds”  which brings forth for the first time in western history, the artistic, inspirational, as well as practical precepts of this ancient healing system.

Michelle Hurtado

Michelle Hurtado is a true Humanitarian, that has devoted her life to service through the use of Yoga, Sound, Movement and the Performing Arts.

As a life-long performer, dancer and musician,  Michelle has performed in church choirs and rock bands, studied with the gypsies of Andalucía, Spain, and now her deepest love, Indian Kirtan where she draws from many sacred languages to bring healing and light to audiences worldwide.

Michelle also has more than 12 years of personal practice in Raja, Hatha , Kriya, Bhakti, Mantra, Karma, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, and Meditation. She incorporates Yoga and Naad Yoga (yoga of sound) as a method to connect directly to the Divine Source for complete healing and transformation.

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