Charles Evans Foundation

The Charles Evans Foundation has supported a wide variety of causes aimed at helping the less fortunate.  It was established in 1988 by the late Charles Evans, a lifelong philanthropist . Mr. Evans business successes were many — he founded the fashion house Evan-Picone and the Evans Partnership, a commercial real estate firm – and also produced successful films, including the wildly popular, Oscar-winning “Tootsie.” Mr. Evans approached his philanthropy with the same passion and acumen. The New York Times noted:

“Mr. Evans turned personal sadness into philanthropic causes. When his father developed Alzheimer’s disease in the late 1960s, Mr. Evans made large donations to Alzheimer’s research and eventually became national director of the Alzheimer’s Association. In 1975, his former wife, Frances, and their two daughters, Elizabeth and Melissa, died in a fire caused by errant ashes from their fireplace. Mr. Evans created the Crusade for Fire Detection, aimed at educating the public on the need for fire detectors and lobbying for laws to make them mandatory.”

Linda Munson, President of the Foundation explained, “Charles believed in empowering talent – through education, mentoring and training.”



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